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Bee Coloring Page

Hi friends! I hope you all are staying safe and well during this time! 💛🖤 I've been working from home since mid March. We have three kiddos that range from ages 4 to 13. Our two boys are doing distance learning though their schools, but Charlotte, our 4 year old does not have day to day "assignments" to complete. Thankfully I taught Kindergarten for 7 years and have lots of age appropriate activities for her!

She enjoys coloring so much and absolutely loves bees! 🐝 (Her 4th birthday party was bee themed! 😊) Because of this, I decided to make a coloring page just for her! I wanted share this coloring page for those of you that might have littles at home. I've already printed one for Charlotte! Please share this with your friends or anyone that you think would like it! It's not perfect, but I think that the kiddos will enjoy it!

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